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When booking, there are two options; our standard per person rate, or you can upgrade to a private cabin.


There are three different types of cabins.

  • The Double-Bed cabins have one full-size bed,

  • The Bunk-style cabins have two single size beds, stacked in authentic nautical bunk-style with one over the other. 

  • The singles have -*spoiler - one, single-sized bed. 

If you have a preference, when you are booking, let us know. 


We cannot always guarantee cabin preference.  It is prudent to book early.  



Grace Bailey Cabin_1.jpg

Double Bed Cabin


Enjoy the fluff and sprawl of a double bed cabin. Perfect for snugglers or the solo traveler that wants to make snow angels on the fresh and cozy sheets. 

Grace Bailey Cabin_3.jpg

Double occupancy cabin with double bed

Bunk Bed Cabin


Remember the cozy camaraderie of Summer Camp? Giggling late into the night, telling stories; being on the top bunk and looking over the side to the bunk below; being in the bottom bunk and kicking the top bunk to ask if your new BFF was awake.

With fresh, fluffy towels, a sink and lovely bedding, summer camp never had it so good. 

Wonderful for making memories and fun together time, it's no wonder these are the most popular accommodations we offer. 


Double occupancy cabin with bunk beds *Shared cabin for single travelers*


Single Bunk Cabin

Waking up with a great, yawning stretch, in your own little oasis single-sized bed, aboard a schooner, at anchor in a peaceful cove, along the coast of Maine, to the scent of fresh coffee. It is a special feeling. 

Schooner Grace Bailey Single Cabin_5.jpg
Schooner Grace Bailey Single Cabin_4.jpg

Single occupancy cabin with single bed

GB Hull Diagram_R4.png

We board the night on the date listed on the schedule between 5 and 6 p.m., and arrive back in Rockland before noon on the last date on the schedule.

* Cancellation Policy

Boarding Time

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