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Have Maine All to Yourself

Maine is " Vacationland." It's all about getting away from it all. But. How do you get away from all the other people trying to get away from it all?

You book a Private Charter, aboard our charming 1882 schooner, Grace Bailey. 


What about planning? How do you make planning a group vacation easier? You will love our solution. Don't do it. Plan nothing. 

We take care of everything. Accommodations - done, meals - done, activities - done, destinations - done. You don't have to do any planning.

Just get here, and get going. 

Private Charters

"Trip of a lifetime." 

John. W

Vancouver CAN
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"It allowed me and the guys to connect."


San Diego CA
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  • Convenience 
  • Connection
  • Quality 
  • Adventure

Spend more time having a good time, instead of planning to have a good time. By not spending so much time and effort trying to figure out where to eat, where to go and what to do - you'll have more vacation in your vacation. 

One of the main benefits of a Private Charter is that the quality of your experience will be better. Doing things as a group is about connection. With more time spent together, you'll connect more. This is the whole point of a group experience. 


Time together, along the coast of Maine, aboard your own private schooner, is an exclusive experience without equal. Our Private Charters afford you unparalleled freedom, privacy and options.  

 A  Private Charter improves the quality of your group experience.

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Let us
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Take care 
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of Everything

We take our favorite restaurant with us. Our chef will plan all the meals. Would you like chocolate cake for dessert? We can do that.


We can create your favorite meals for you. We can also let the chef freestyle the menu and spoil you with the fruits of her travels. Beyond your preferences, we can cater to any allergies or diets.

We hope you are beginning to see the many benefits of a Private Charter.

Note that we can only make plans on trips that are not yet booked for next year. We encourage you to contact us as soon as you have some dates in mind from next year's schedule. 


Call or Contact us to feel the relief of making a good decision. Relief and excitement. We look forward to hearing from you.

Spend  more time having a good time, instead of planning to have a good time. 
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A Private Charter aboard GRACE BAILEY includes:

  • An island lobster bake / steak dinner

    • This applies to any length trip; from a 3 night jaunt to a 6 night adventure. ​

    • The lobsters will be sourced and picked up fresh along the way. 

  • All meals, made fresh three times daily with dessert at lunch and dinner. ​

    • Wine is served with dinner. Beyond that is BYOB. We have a quite large cooler. Imbibe as you wish.

    • Our chef can accommodate allergies, conditions and preferences with skill and taste. ​​

    • Every member of the party will enjoy equal quality, regardless of meal variant. 

  • Full run of the ship. If you want to swim, we'll anchor. If you want to leisurely enjoy our small boats to explore our chosen anchorage, you will. We will still adhere to our policy of chasing the best winds; safety and logistics takes precedent. ​

Private Charter Form

Private Charter Inquiry

Thank you for submitting your Private Charter inquiry. We will contact you back quickly about your plans. You have chosen well.


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