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Captain's Choice

Grace Bailey

Finest Kind
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Here we feature products & businesses we found to be of the finest kind, and so are chosen to be shared here as the Finest Kind.

We encourage you to patronize our chosen partners to make your life ashore a little more like being aboard.

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Captain's Choice

Finest Kind
Swell Farm
Swell Farm Rockalnd Maine logo

The flowers that greet you in your cabins aboard our ship are fresh from nearby Swell Farms. Tracey and Chris draw beauty from the soil and supply constant reminders of Maine's beauty and potential for growth, goodness and sharing.

456 Old County Road
Rockland, Maine 04841


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Swell Farm is a small family operation in Mid Coast Maine, growing high quality cut flowers on nearly an acre of land.

We split our growing space between our home farm in Rockland, and a generously leased plot of land in the neighboring Rockport.

We farm using organic and sustainable practices. It is of the utmost importance to us to leave our growing space better than we found it.

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Swell Farm

Captain's Choice

Finest Kind
Sisters Soap
Sisters Soap logo.jpg

The soaps you'll enjoy in your cabins aboard our ship are handmade on the Maine coast by Sisters Soap. They look and smell so good, you'll want to eat them!  Luckily - and probably because of this -  the one sister, Caitlin, also makes award winning cheeses (link below), so you actually can eat something made by these creative sisters, just not the soaps.

623 Benner Road

Bristol, Maine 04539


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Sisters Soap began as a joint venture between sisters Caitlin Hunter and Megan Owen. Now, while Cait focuses on her award winning cheeses, Megan crafts the wonderfully moisturizing soaps using goat milk from Cait’s farm, Appleton Creamery.

Just as Cait’s cheeses delight your palate and leave you craving more, Sisters Soaps will awaken your senses and leave your skin feeling soft and pampered. We challenge you to resist becoming addicted to both!

Our soaps are visually stunning as well as nutrient rich. The addition of dried flowers, herbs and seeds make each bar unique and appealing. The use of recycled containers for molds allows for a variety of unique shapes that you won’t find elsewhere. Our large selection of scents ensures that everyone will discover a personal favorite!

Captain's Choice

Penobscot Island Air

After you explore Secret Maine on your Maine sailing cruise aboard VICTORY CHIMES, let Penobscot Island Air reveal our secrets from the air during one of their scenic "flightseeing" tours of the area. 

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Penobscot Island

21 Terminal Lane

Owls Head, Maine 04854


Because we both enjoy sharing Maine from unique perspectives, it's no surprise to see Penobscot Air on our list. With all of its islands, peninsulas, harbors coves and lighthouses, taking a "flightseeing" tour of midcoast Maine is a great way to see how the area puzzles together. 


PIA began service in 2004 by founder Kevin Waters, with one leased plane and the mission to maintain the way of life for the people of the Penobscot Bay islands. 


There had been air service to the islands of Penobscot since the ‘40s, under different names and owners, up until mid-December 2004 when the owner of then titled Maine Atlantic Aviation decided to abruptly stop all service to the islands. Kevin had flown the islands for 11 years and had grown to know his customers and the island life very well. It was then he decided to establish Penobscot Island Air and began with a single leased plane to serve the islands.


Today, with a fleet of 5 planes, including a seaplane, they loop the bay from Matinicus to Bar Harbor, or can bring you from the airports in Bangor & Portland to your midcoast vacation destination. 


After your Maine sailing cruise aboard VICTORY CHIMES, contact them for a “flightseeing” tour of your cruise route because it's an experience above the norm.

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PIA logo.png
Penobscot Islan Air

Captain's Choice

Finest Kind

The Craignair Inn

A wonderful place to start or end your time in Maine is right nearby. We'll show you Maine from the sea and the Craignair Inn will take it from there. They'll keep spoiling you too. 

In the Maine coastal village of Spruce Head, The Craignair Inn is a warm and welcoming MidCoast Maine bed and breakfast situated on a breathtaking section of coastline just south of Rockland.

Being so close to the water, we cherish the wonder and beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and believe that we all need to do our part to help save our oceans. We strive everyday to lead by example and demonstrate how to run an inn and restaurant in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way, without sacrificing comfort.

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