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Enjoy stories, right from our guests, about their trips. 

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Adventure & Relaxation

Ashely & Matt

"What a fantastic trip! The Victory Chimes is the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. The scenery, live music, and food create the perfect backdrop to kick back and experience the beauty of Maine in a way you never could otherwise." - Google Review

Family Vacation pic Maine.jpeg

Sara Solves the Puzzle


Can a daughter plan a family vacation that's fun for everyone, without feeling miserable in the process?  C'mon Sara, think!

Ashley and Matt
Joel happy guest of victory chimes Rockland Maine.jpg



Joel knew for years about taking a schooner trip. He even had a place here! Still - never went sailing with us.


Then, he read up on our small boats. You can row. You can sail.  You can go along for a ride.


After such a long wait, and such anticipation for small boat fun, did he like it? 

Kayla Maine vacation.JPG

A Novel Vacation Idea


Kayla's Dad had a great idea for a fun vacation; sailing the coast of Maine aboard VICTORY CHIMES. For Kayla, it's the perfect setting for her to work on her novel - about pirates.

Happy guests victory chimes.jpg

It's Definitely Worth It

Annie & Travis

You're into sailing, your wife is not. You book a trip on the 'Chimes. Will she hate it?

Gray & La on Grace Bailey.jpg

"Maximum Replay Value"

Gray & La

When you travel a lot, it's going to take something special to raise your eyebrow. 

Gray and La talk about their first windjammer trip. 

Grace Bailey Sails.jpg

Our style of care and adventure has a history beyond GRACE BAILEY.  Below, guests from our previous vessel share their stories

Will vacatoin Maine.jpeg

Where There's a Will


If only we all had grandmothers this cool. Will's grandmother booked a trip on the 'Chimes for Will. How'd it go for a digital thirteen year old to go analog on a sailing ship?


"Trip of a Lifetime."

John W. 

For a travel group of entrepreneurs, the standards are high and the pressure is on. It's not just your trip, it's a whole group you've got to satisfy. They don't have a lot of time to spare. You better get it right.. Did John make the right choice?


"Can't wait to come back"


Douglas is used to sailing in California. His travel group decides to come to Maine. With all the hype California gets, how is Maine going to measure up?

small boat Victory Chimes summer interview.jpeg

Blow your mind, feed your soul


“I have friends… I see their souls seeking something. This ship is what they’re seeking. This experience is something that would feed their soul.”

Calvin guest of Grace Bailey.jpg

"I wanted to reset"


The world of high finance was adding to Calvin’s bottom line, but chipping away at his soul. 

He needed to "reset." He chose Maine, he chose Grace Bailey. 

All inclusivie testimonial Maine vacation.jpeg

One Great Decision

Matt & MaryHelen

"You make one decision and everything is covered for your trip, which was incredibly valuable to us, and made it an amazing value: all of our transportation, lodging, meals, and entertainment were covered in one price."

- Google Review


"I really want to do do this!"


What if you've never sailed before? You've never even been on a boat. What are you going to think of sailing around the coast of Maine on an 1882 schooner?

Paige on Hurricane Island Maine.jpg

"I love the variety."


Paige had never been to Maine. Never been on a sailboat. She went from not knowing what it would be, to finding out it was all sorts of things. 

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