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Crew Yearbooks

An intriguing look at windjamming our grand ol' ship and the changing conditions of the Maine coast.

If you want to learn about windjamming, this feature article in Yankee Magazine is a good primer.

“It’s not necessarily a kind of ship, but rather a kind of trip that goes for multiple nights and explores areas you normally can’t get to. It’s a bit like going on a camping or hiking expedition, but on a really cool old ship with some great, interesting people."

For the Maine State Quarter, VICTORY CHIMES and the Pemaquid Point lighthouse were chosen as enduring and beloved symbols of Maine. We love our ship, Maine loves our ship - you will love our ship!

Released on June 2, 2003, this coin is the 23rd coin released in the 50 State Quarters Program, and the third released in 2003. They're lucky to find, or you can get one on Amazon for $2!

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